Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pakistan Army Surrenders

Video of the first, and perhaps only, public surrender in modern military history. 26,400 Pakistan Army soldiers in Dhaka, today the capital of Bangladesh, but then the capital of East Pakistan surrendered to only 3000 Indian troops. These were from the 101st Communication Zone (from their HQ in Guwahati), along with elements of IV Corps (HQ Agartala) commanded by the brilliant Lt. General Sagat Singh who thrust select units like a dagger on Dhaka using heliborne operations.

In the video above Sagat Singh can be seen standing to the right of Major-General Gandharv Singh Nagra, GOC of the 101 Communication Zone, as the latter addresses the Pakistani POWs. In all 90,000 Pakistanis surrendered all over Bangladesh making it the biggest surrender since WWII. In addition the Pakistanis had raised irregular units of Razakars, comprising Urdu-speaking Islamists and Punjabi and Bihari Muslims in East Pakistan, which had been engaged in horrific mass killings and rapes of the Bengali Muslims and Hindus. Units of the Pakistani army spearheaded the senseless butchery, leading to the genocide of 3 million Bengali Hindus and Muslims, and driving an estimated 10 million refugees into India.

In retaliation the Bangladeshi liberation fighters took revenge on the Pakistani Razakars and soldiers, as shown in the video above. Other videos related to the Liberation of Bangladesh and the 1971 Indo-Pak War, on the Indian Army History thread at BRF.