Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marwari Horse export

The Marwari horse of Rajasthan was bought and sold early this month at the Pushkar Fair. But this medieval war-horse may soon get an export market. Stud farms have been run in the United States ever since the first Marwari horse was taken to that country by Francesca Kelly. Now the first horses have been exported to Spain. Cavallo Magazine reports that one stallion and two mares arrived in Spain last Saturday, October 24th in the stables of the Caballos Marwari (above photo) in Catalonia, which since 2002 has embarked on a project for the protection and enhancement of the Marwari breed in India, with India's Marwari Horse Society of His Royal Highness the Maharaja of Jodhpur, which since 2006 has as its patron HRH Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Marwari horse's export potential has also made it popular in Punjab (photo from MajixMarwari):

A TOI report from the Chhappar fair, which since centuries has been famous for the sale and purchase of animals. The jet-black Marwari horse owned by Ludhiana-based stud farm owner Sukhi Grewal has been a hot favourite at the fair. Talking to TOI, Grewal said, "People have an eye for Marwari horses and their interest seems to be growing with each passing day."

Randeep Singh of Jhumer village, who has also brought his Marwari horse at the fair said, "I have been coming to the mela from the past more than a decade, but peoples' passion for Marwari horses has increased since the last two years. People are also demanding more for races and exports are bound to increase."