Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Indigenous Nuclear Submarine

India Today

India's first indigenous nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, codenamed the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV), may be launched later this month on Vijay Diwas (July 26) or next month on Independence Day (August 15). It has been under construction in the enclosed facility known only as the Shipbuilding Centre (SBC) at the Visakhapatnam harbour.

The goal is to field a fleet of three SSBNs by 2015, one in reserve and two on patrol, each carrying 12 nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. A submarine nuclear weapon deterrent has a sense of inviolability as it is extremely difficult to pre-emptively target these underwater vessels. The keel for the second nuclear submarine has been laid by Larsen and Toubro at their shipyard in Hazira.

The indigenous nuclear submarine will reportedly be 124 metres long, with a displacement of 4,000 tonnes and will be fitted with a 100 mw highly enriched uranium reactor. Most of the details about the advanced technology vessel still remain a secret.