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UN Missions

United Nations Missions:

India as one of the founding members of the United Nations has shown consistent interest and enthusiasm in the initiatives of the World Body towards maintenance of global peace and security. India's unflinching commitment to the ideals and objectives of the UN as an instrument of global peace has been amply demonstrated by its spirited participation in 39 out of 59 UN Peacekeeping Missions so far, which includes all the UN Peacekeeping Operations in Africa. Nearly, 70,000 Indian Peacekeepers have so far served under the UN flag, of which 109 personnel have made the supreme sacrifice to safeguard the honour of `blue helmets'. At the peak of UN Commitments in 1994, India had 6000 peacekeepers deployed world wide, in spite of being heavily committed in Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) Operations in different parts of the country. (

UNMEE (United Nations Mission in Ethiopia & Eritrea): Fighting between Eritrea and Ethiopia erupted in May 1998, as a result of a border dispute. The Secretary-General immediately contacted leaders of the two nations, urging restraint and offering assistance in resolving the conflict peacefully. He requested Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun (Algeria), his Special Envoy in Africa, to assist the mediation efforts of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). At the OAU summit in Algiers in July 1999, the two parties accepted a document - the Modalities for the Implementation of the OAU Framework Agreement. In this document, Eritrea committed itself to "redeploy its forces outside the territories they occupied after 6 May 1998." Ethiopia committed itself to redeploy, thereafter, its forces from positions taken after 6 February and which were not under Ethiopian administration before 6 May 1998. (

The Indian battalion (Indbatt) is in charge of the central sector on the Ethiopia-Eritrea border, an area spanning 120x230 sq km, since it took over from a Dutch-Canadian group in June 2001. The Ethiopian Highlands cover most of the Sector and are dissected by valleys of the westward flowing Mereb River. The elevation of this sector ranges from 2400 to 4600 meters. Sector Centre covers the Debub Region on the Eritrean side and Tigray Region on the Ethiopian side. The Indian battalion is monitoring the implementation of an agreement for cessation of hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and would aid actively in demining the border. Col Anand Singh Rawat commanded the sector till 22nd July (the two other sectors are in charge of a Jordanian-Kenyan battalion. 42 countries contribute military personnel to UNMEE that has some 4,200 troops). The Indian battalions rotate after a year's tour of duty. Also, for the 4th time an Indian officer assumed charge of the UN force, with Maj. Gen. Rajender Singh taking over from a British commander. The sector commanded by the Indian unit includes the Bada region, one of the hottest places in the world. The daytime temperature from April to August is around 30 degrees Celsius, whilst it can drop down to freezing temperatures in December. This is also one of the most dangerous places in the world with landmines and small arms scattered around the country since the Second World War and the ongoing armed conflict - estimated to have affected more than 370,000 Eritreans and 350,000 Ethiopians. (

The 25th meeting of the Military Coordination Committee (MCC) was held in Nairobi on 5th July 2004 where Colonel Rawat gave a presentation on the progress of the sector MCCs. 15 Sikh Light Infantry (INDBATT 3) returned home after a successful one-year tenure of peacekeeping along the borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It was replaced by the 13 Kumaon Infantry Battalion Group in July 2004—the new INDBATT 4 Commander Colonel Ratandeep Gautam Rao Patil, formally took over command of the Sector from the outgoing Commander, Colonel Anand Singh Rawat at a parade in Adigrat on 22nd July 2004. (

UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon): UNIFIL was created in 1978 to confirm the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, restore international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. Today UNIFIL comprises of INDBATT and GHANBATT (Ghana battalion) with the former holding positions and manning observation posts along the “blue line” (the UN-demarcated border between Israel and Lebanon) while other countries provide units for mine clearance, logistics, and HQ security. (

The 10th Battalion, Garhwal Rifles, under Colonel Shivender Singh took over from 8 Sikh (INDBATT V) in December 2003. In May the INDBATT VI was presented with medals by the UNIFIL Commander, Major-General Alain Pelligrini, in a ceremony at Kawkaba. The French General recalled that the 10 Garhwal Rifles was the first Indian battalion to be granted the Grand Cross of the Victorian Royal Order for its achievements in the Forbert battle in France. In the dangerous job of holding the peace between the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and the Hizbullah the battalion can only monitor movements and report incidents without directly intervening—their APCs (armored personnel carriers) and personal weapons can only be used in self-defense. The INDBATT excels in providing humanitarian services and has held several medical and dental clinics, treating over 9000 patients in the villages under its area of operations. Major KB Mrityunjay was the only vet in the region and treated over 24,000 domestic animals with his free services and medicines. “Without him we would be at the mercy of God because we cannot afford to purchase medicine,” said Fatima Mowleh, 28, the owner of the sick cow. (

In December 2004 INDBATT VI was replaced by the 15th Battalion, Assam Regiment, under Colonel T Sambaiah. INDBATT VII was recently involved in a heroic rescue mission, for which unit members received the Force Commander Appreciation Cards (

The UNIFIL has come in for criticism from Israel for its allegedly partisan mission—Israel and the US demand that the Hizbullah should be disarmed or its attacks should be stopped. But the UNIFIL is there at the request of the Lebanese government and has to respect its policies even though such policies may involve sanctioning Hizbullah attacks against Israeli troops. As Colonel Shivender Singh remarked, “If there's anyone close to the Blue Line, we observe them and report it. But we won't interfere with them. It's their land.” But even the UNIFIL’s harshest critics will concede that they have managed to keep the peace in this volatile region and have earned the gratitude of the Lebanese government and the people in the border villages. (

MONUC (United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo): The Democratic Republic of the Congo and five regional States signed the Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement in July 1999. To maintain liaison with the parties and carry out other tasks, the Security Council set up MONUC on 30 November 1999, incorporating UN personnel authorized in earlier resolutions. On 24 February 2000, the Council expanded the mission's mandate and size.

One infantry company of 10 Garhwal Rifles was deployed for protecting the assets of Indian Air Force—in July 2004 this unit was replaced by a 100-man team from the 9 Para (Special Forces). Major NS Dhaliwal commands the SF team.

The Indian military, from its earlier deployments in Congo had concluded that the size of the UN force in Congo was too small given the threat perception. This meant that Indian troops and other troops in the UN blue-helmeted force were at great risk from the warring Hema and Lendu tribal militia and rebel troops from President Kabila’s army. India has made a case to send larger, reinforced armed contingents to the UN military missions because of increasing attacks from warring parties. ( Read More......

The Northeast

The Northeast

A perusal of news items from the three operational areas in Northeast India suggests that insurgent and terrorist activities overflow into neighboring states and the various groups maintain close contact with each other. Thus in Arunachal Pradesh the little-known Arunachal Dragon Federation (ADF) is said to have provided shelter and support to the fleeing ULFA cadres of Assam. The activities of Naga insurgents have been noted in some Arunachal villages while the elected government of Nagaland lays claim to land of its northern neighbor. 5 Mountain Division under 4 Corps has been conducting Operation Falcon at Namka Chu since 1986 (see while the ITBP and the SSB secure the international border.

In Sikkim the 33 Corps under the Eastern Command originally fielded three mountain divisions and an artillery brigade to secure the border with China. However one division (the 27th) was deployed in J&K during Operation Parakram in 2001-02 and after the recognition of Sikkim as an Indian state by China that division has been retained in the former state. There is a danger of Maoist insurgents from Nepal using Sikkim as a stepping-stone to join hands with insurgent groups in India’s northeast.

In each operational area insurgent groups are ranged against one another on an ethnic basis. Thus Meghalaya has the Achik National Volunteers Council (ANVC) claiming to represent the Garos while the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) ostensibly fights for the rights of the Khasi people. The ANVC desires a “greater Garoland” within the Indian union and signed a six-month ceasefire in July, agreeing to hold talks with the government. The greater Garoland demand directly affects the Khasi region but surprisingly both groups maintain links with the ULFA and the Naga outfits and both have camps in Bangladesh! The border with that country has been fenced only partially to check cross-border movements.

In Mizoram the Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) does not desire either secession or a separate state—they seek autonomous district councils from the state government for all Bru-inhabited areas (as already exist for Chakmas, Lakhers, and Pawis). At the close of the year the BNLF agreed to drop this demand and instead consider the concept of a development council for the Bru-inhabited contiguous area in the south of Aizawl district of Mizoram. The BNLF is largely based in Tripura and it is this critical state that needs to be studied in detail.


The 3 Corps at Dimapur is responsible for Tripura although no army unit is present in the state and anti-insurgency operations are the joint responsibility of the state police, CRPF, BSF, Assam Rifles, and the Tripura State Rifles (TSR). The principal insurgent groups are the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), the National Liberation Front of Twipra (NLFT), and the Borok National Council of Tripura (BNCT)—all of these represent tribal interests against immigrants who have become the dominant population. The ATTF tribals are mostly Hindu and seek restoration of tribal land and the expulsion of Bengali-speaking immigrants while the NLFT tribals are mostly Christians fighting for the secession of Tripura. These groups have further split into factions but maintain links with other insurgents in the northeast and have their usual camps and hideouts in Bangladesh.

The year began with the death of 5 BSF personnel in a landmine blast attributed to the NLFT. The same day (January 03) there was an RPG attack on an ATTF hideout in Dhaka that killed 5 and left 8 injured, including the ATTF president Ranjit Debbarman. Local media speculated that it was a “covert Indian operation”. This was followed by the arrest of 6 NLFT cadres by the Bangladesh Rifles—fallout apparently of Operation All Clear by the Royal Bhutan Army and the consequent pressure felt by Bangladesh in taking action against terrorists before the upcoming SAARC summit.

Encounters between the militants and the security forces continued up to May 7th when 72 insurgents of the NLFT surrendered before the Governor of Tripura. Similarly on October 31st ATTF and NLFT militants to the number of 39 surrendered at the State Police Headquarters. Inconclusive talks with the state government continued but the year closed with the surrender of 138 NLFT militants on December 26th.

Tripura is surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh and the international border is 849 Km long. According to the CPI (M) government of Tripura, the Chittagong and Cox Bazaar tract of Bangladesh is a den of arms and drugs smuggling from SE Asia, which targets Tripura and then spreads out to other northeastern states. All the insurgent groups have contacts with smugglers and international criminal elements and their leaders enjoy lavish lifestyles in their Bangladesh bases. Fencing of the border has been done in patches but has drawn the wrath of Indian and Bangladeshi smugglers who attacked BSF jawans of the 131 battalion in the Bamutia area on June 7th. The Bangladesh Rifles has also resorted to firing on any construction activity along the border as happened on February 19th in the Muhuri char area. Towards the close of the year, in a tragic incident on December 28th, 15 personnel of the Territorial Army and GREF engaged in constructing the Ambassa-Amarpur road were gunned down in an ambush.

It appears that in Tripura, what began as an insurgency has degenerated into terrorism, where unemployed youth are used as cannon fodder to do the bidding of foreign powers while the insurgent leaders build businesses based on smuggling and other nefarious activities. This is practically the pattern across the northeastern states.
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Op Orchid

Operation Orchid (Nagaland)

Counter-insurgency operations under Operation Orchid have been conducted from 1956 through to the formation of the Nagaland state in 1963 and the signing of the Shillong Accord in 1975. A small group of insurgents in the Naga National Council (NNC), who had been trained in China, rejected the accord and formed a new grouping in Myanmar termed the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN). But even this radical grouping split in 1988 along tribal lines forming the NSCN (IM) and the NSCN (K). After negotiations (begun in 1998) with the Government of India insurgent groups in Nagaland entered into a ceasefire agreement and eventually began a peace process that has held through the year in review. However fratricidal clashes between the Naga groups, the links with other insurgents of the northeast, and the unabated smuggling of arms and drugs have meant the continuation of Operation Orchid in the state.


As described above the 3 Corps headquarters is at Dimapur but since Nagaland state lays claim to land belonging to Arunachal and Assam, and movements of insurgent groups between these states are frequent, the formations under 4 Corps sometimes combine with those under the Dimapur Corps in joint operations. Anti-insurgency operations in Nagaland are also the responsibility of the state police, the Assam Rifles, CRPF, and BSF.

Major Events (Year 2004):
(See detailed map

1. Jan 06 2004: According to NSCN (K) sources, Myanmarese army personnel were moving towards their camps located in Sagaing region in the Myanmar-Nagaland-Arunachal Pradesh triangle.
2. Jan 08 The Daily Star: Foreign guerrilla camps operating in Myanmar are intact and ready to repel attacks by the ruling junta's military or Indian forces, said a NSCN leader. KanglaOnline: NSCN had formally entered into a Cease Fire Agreement with the Government of India on April 28, 2001. The outfit’s Kilonser (Minister) Kughalu Mulatonu described as positive the Government of India’s attention towards his organization in finding a lasting and permanent settlement to the protracted Indo-Naga political issue. The North East Tribune: 25 NSCN (K) militants, attired in battle fatigue, came to village Dighli (Cachar District) and took away the Gaon Panchayat President's octogenarian father, Sudhir Sarkar and two others last night.
3. Jan 13 The NSCN-IM today claimed that it had captured the alleged mastermind behind the kidnapping and killing of a Manipur Minister's eight-year-old daughter Lungnila Elizabeth and dealt with him appropriately. The North East Tribune: New Delhi is likely to begin its formal peace process with the Khaplang faction of NSCN from next month.
4. Jan 17 The Assam tribune: An unidentified ultra was killed in an encounter between the Army and suspected Hmar and Naga militants at Moulin under Mahur police station in NC Hills bordering Cachar district this morning. Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group, Lt Gen (Retd), RV Kulkarni said that if James Kuki is found guilty by the NSCN (IM) then he should be forthrightly handed over to the Government of Manipur.
5. Jan 21 The North East Tribune: Naga Hoho today said that it was contemplating to hold a symbolic “Naga Integration day” in all the Naga inhabited areas. At present the Nagas are scattered in four different Indian states- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland and also northern Myanmar.

6. Feb 03 The North East Tribune: the NSCN (IM) in a release said that the three accused in the murder of Hoabam Ibomcha would be awarded capital punishment.
7. Feb 04 Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga today met NSCN (IM) General Secretary T Muviah and said dialogue would help in strengthening peace talks between the Government of India and the Naga outfit.
8. Feb 06 The Assam Tribune: Terming the allegation as “wild” and “without an iota of truth,” the NSCN-IM today refuted the accusation levelled against it of receiving Rs 2.5 crore from K Ramkathar, CEO, Ukhrul District Autonomous Council. “The allegation made purportedly by a fictitious person, TS Ngalung, in some local newspapers in Imphal was purely aimed at tarnishing the good image of the NSCN,” claimed the publicity wing of the outfit.
9. Feb 12 The North East Tribune: National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isaac-Muivah) have agreed to come to India from Thailand for political level talks, according to chief minister Zoramthanga. In its effort to consolidate the ongoing peace process in Nagaland, Assam Rifles has undertaken a unique initiative of designing a calendar with important features of ceasefire ground rules in Nagamese. The theme has also been contained in small pocket cards along with some important telephone numbers, relevant to public utility pertaining to Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung.

10. Mar 09 The Assam Tribune: Two youths, Tilak Kumar Pillai and Alok Roy have been nabbed by the security forces at Miao in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh recently; the two were masquerading as agents of the NSCN (K) while serving demand notes of Rs. 30,000 each on businessmen.
11. Mar 11 Nagaland Government, giving detailed list of incidents of crime taken place on NH-61 State Highway between Mokokchung and Zunheboto and border road between Mokokchung and Mariani during last six months, has urged the NSCN-K leadership to hand over its cadres involved in these crimes. IGP (Intelligence) CP Giri in his communiqué clarified that police are not after the cadres of that particular organization in general but are duty bound to take legal action against those cadres involved in crimes under the laws of the land.
12. Mar 20 activists of the NSCN (K) slashed and abandoned a member of the rival NSCN (IM) at the Assam Rifles firing range located at Chingmeirong West. A piece of paper with the note “NSCN (IM) member Akiupou Pamei, Tamenglong headquarters killed by NSCN (K) town commander 2nd lieutenant James” was also found from the body.
13. Mar 23 The Govt of People's Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) celebrated its 24th anniversary with gusto at Tamei in Tamenglong dist yesterday attended by some top NSCN (IM) leaders including Angelus and Chawang, who stated that the ongoing Indo-NSCN (IM) peace process has entered a very meaningful stage. It may be recalled that as many as 13 leaders of the outfit were arrested by the State Police last year near Tulibari in Senapati Dist.

14. Apr 06 Kanglaonline: The Zeliangrong Union in a release said that the charges leveled by the NSCN (K) are baseless and unfounded. The union is purely a social organisation and the question of siding with a particular underground group does not arise, it said.
15. Apr 10 Kanglaonline: former CM of the state and former Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Hokeshe Sema, said in the Nagaland Assembly that Naga integration should not disintegrate other states, and that the meaning of concepts like sovereignty has changed.
16. Apr 24 The North East Tribune: Centre today started preliminary discussions on the issue with the Khaplang faction of the major Naga outfit, NSCN. The ceasefire between security forces and the NSCN (Khaplang), which first became operative three years ago, expires on April 28.
17. Apr 28 PTI: The discussions between the government and NSCN (K) were held in a cordial atmosphere. Both sides expressed satisfaction on the progress made so far in implementing the ceasefire and agreed to extend the bilateral ceasefire by a period of one year with effect from April 28, 2004.

18. May 06 The North East Tribune: Nagaland recorded path breaking 80 per cent polling, while voters defied poll boycott call in Arunachal. Congress leader I Imkong alleged that NSCN (IM) was campaigning for Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) candidate Wangyuh Konyak and asking vote from the people. The NSCN (IM) denied the allegation of Congress terming it ''imaginary''.
19. May 13 In a major breakthrough, 9 Assam Rifles have apprehended 31 UPDS activists from a civilian bus on Paren-Ghaspani Road yesterday. According to a PIB Defence Wing release the cadres of the banned UPDS outfit were being accompanied and escorted by five NSCN (I-M) cadres in a hired civil bus to Dimapur.
20. May 17 Kanglaonline: Despite strong warnings from the NNC (Panger) and the NSCN (IM) against holding AZ Phizo Birth Centenary Celebration here at Kohima Local Ground today, the celebration went off peacefully amidst tight security in and around State capital here.
21. May 18 Kanglaonline: The NSCN (K) has today expressed its deep resentment on the activities of Lt Gen (Retd) RV Kulkarni, Chairman of the Cease Fire Supervisory Board (CFSB). It said about 6 cadres of the NSCN (IM) on May 10 last attacked a house in Zunheboto town where NSCN (K) Kilonser Kughalu Mulatonu and other high-ranking functionaries of the outfit rested. Surprisingly, Gen Kulkarni chose to remain silent on the unfortunate incident.
22. May 31 Kanglaonline: Senior NSCN (IM) leader and newly inducted Kilo Kilonser Rh Raising has said that political settlement requires a formula and has indicated the possibility of a “Phase-wise formula” for a settlement of the Naga political issue.

23. June 01 The Telegraph: The NSCN (Isak-Muivah) today said the planned visit to India next month by its top leaders hinged on the Manmohan Singh government’s explanation of its stand on the contentious subject of integrating Naga-inhabited areas.
24. June 07 The Telegraph: Suthozu village is changing both in appearance and attitude: the Assam Rifles adopted it recently as part of its “model village” project. In 1954, the village was one of the headquarters of the army, then involved in an offensive against Naga insurgents. The Assam Tribune: A five-member team of Naga Hoho, led by its president M Vero, would leave for New Delhi today to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi to explain the vexed Naga political problem.
25. June 12 The Assam Tribune: Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil today disclosed that the Centre was in the process of finalising the next course of action in the Naga peace process, even as he ruled out redrawing of the territorial boundaries of the North Eastern States.

26. Jul 07 The North East Tribune: Nagaland has assured Assam that it would extend all cooperation to de-escalate tension along the inter-state border areas arising out of the recent firing incident in Karbi Anglong district of Assam.
27. Jul 08 The North East Tribune: An NSCN (IM) activist has been killed during an encounter with Assam police personnel at Assam-Nagaland border near Sibsagar district. Assam police personnel are presently carrying out patrolling in the Assam-Nagaland border to check encroachment by Naga people.
28. Jul 09 The Telegraph: Army units under the command of 3 and 4 Corps ringed the NSCN (IM)’s “Camp Hebron” at Nagaland’s Intangki reserve forest, adjoining Karbi Anglong in Assam, after Delhi took cognisance of the Tarun Gogoi’s complaint about the militant group’s activities along the inter-state border.
29. Jul 15 The Telegraph: NSCN (I-M) rebels concentrated in the council headquarters, known as Camp Hebron, have dispersed fearing military activities such as frisking and patrolling by the army and paramilitary Assam Rifles in and around the camps.
30. Jul 16 The Telegraph: Security forces in Nagaland have been put on alert after Assam Rifles arrested an ULFA militant in Mon yesterday. The forces apprehend that more militants belonging to the Khaplang faction of the NSCN and the ULFA may be hiding in the jungles after being driven out by Myanmarese army.
31. Jul 24 The Telegraph: the NSCN (IM) today cleared the decks for the extension of its ceasefire with Delhi. The rival Khaplang group, however, threatened to call off its ceasefire with the Centre because Assam Rifles units were raiding its camps in search of ULFA members. The NSCN (K) admitted it was helping the ULFA, which has been trying to regroup since being chased out of Bhutan last year.
32. Jul 31 In a boost to the Naga peace process, the Government today extended the ceasefire with NSCN (IM) for another year following talks with the outfit in Chiangmel.

33. Aug 06 The Telegraph: Assam Assembly members adopted a resolution not to part with even an inch of land to the NSCN (I-M)-proposed Nagalim. The NSCN (I-M) has long been demanding that all contiguous Naga-inhabited areas of the region be brought under a single administrative umbrella. The Nagaland Assembly too has adopted a resolution for the unification of all Naga contiguous areas. The 16-point Agreement, on the basis of which Nagaland became the 16th state of the Indian Union, contains a clause on integration of contiguous Naga areas. But the three states that border Nagaland Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur have always opposed any mention of this clause.
34. Aug 08 The North East Tribune: the Naga Hoho, disturbed by Assam’s resolution said that it would go ahead with its integration rally soon. “The Naga are demanding traditional Naga’s land and not other’s land,” argued Hoho’s general secretary Dr. John Murry. Meanwhile, the Nagaland legislative assembly in 1970, 1972, 1994 and last December has passed resolution “supporting the Naga integration”.
35. Aug 12 The Assam Tribune: In the midst of furore in Manipur over continuation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), its neighbour Nagaland today said it did not require the stringent law as the state was peaceful. “Because of the ceasefire and talks with the insurgent group, special powers are not necessary in the State,” Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio told reporters after meeting Home Minister Shivraj Patil.
36. Aug 15 The Telegraph: Addressing media persons on the occasion of “Naga independence day” here today, the outfit’s kilo kilonser (home minister) Rh. Raising said the Centre, despite the ceasefire, was still fighting the outfit “in the person of” the NSCN (Khaplang) and the Naga National Council. Raising thus practically accused Delhi of waging a proxy battle. “Khaplang is the brainchild of the Assam Rifles and Padmanabhaiah confessed during talks that they (the Centre) supported them,” claimed senior leader VS Atem.
37. Aug 23 The Assam Tribune: The twin militant outfits, NSCN(IM) and NSCN(K) have demanded annexation of land from the Buddhist and other indigenous faith followers of Rima Putak, Thikhak Putak, Motongsa and Longchong villages in Tirap–Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh and issued a decree for their conversion to Christianity, allege Arunachal Buddhists.
38. Aug 28 The Telegraph: During the talks, the government reportedly asked the NSCN(I-M) to stop sheltering the Manipur outfits, but the Naga organisation demanded that the security forces should first severe their ties with the NSCN (Khaplang). Ever since the NSCN split more than a decade ago, both factions have been waging a bloody turf war.
39. Aug 30 The Telegraph: The existence of a new group, which calls itself the Reformation Army of Nagaland, came to light when some dailies published a "recruitment notice" signed by its "commander", Robert Vin.

40. Sep 08 The North East Tribune: The first ever ceasefire between the Naga freedom fighter 'The Federal Government of Nagaland' and the Government of India were struck through the initiative of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) through its Nagaland Peace Committee on this day in 1964.
41. Sep 16 The Telegraph: The NSCN (I-M), one of the two groups from Nagaland involved in peace parleys with the Centre, had given advertisements seeking candidates for the posts of joint secretaries in the self-styled government of the outfit. Talks were initiated with the outfit in 2001 and the ban on it was lifted two years ago.
42. Sep 18 The Telegraph: The controversy surrounding the gunning down of a Naga youth by a CRPF jawan at Merapani on Monday seems to be heating up with Nagaland levelling allegations against Assam.
43. Sep 22 The Assam Tribune: Tension is running high along the Nagaland-Assam border in Mokokchung district following a raid allegedly conducted by Assam Police in Saring Yim village.

44. Oct 02 Twenty-six persons, including women and children, were killed and over 100 injured in two powerful blasts that rocked the railway station and a nearby market in quick succession in Nagaland's commercial town of Dimapur
45. Oct 03 The Telegraph: "We will trace them ... whoever has done this. I have no words to condemn this inhuman act." This was stated by the convener of the ceasefire monitoring cell of the NSCN (I-M) Pungthing Shimrang after the twin blasts at Dimapur. "This is the handiwork of forces who are inimical to the ongoing peace process. The talks progressed smoother than was expected by many and these elements are desperate to sabotage the process," said Shimrang. Security forces see the hand of Pakistan's ISI behind bomb blasts in Dimapur. Several Assam Rifles officers and even Nagaland governor Shyamal Datta vouched for the Naga rebel groups, saying there is no history of Naga militants attacking civilians even at the height of insurgency in the state.
46. Oct 05 The Telegraph: Stung by the accusation that a "non-Naga outfit" triggered the Dimapur blasts with the assistance of its "Naga ally", the NSCN (Khaplang) today stood up for the ULFA and asked other militant groups from Assam to come clean on whether they were involved in the bombings. The statement came after the NSCN (Isak-Muivah), insinuated that the Khaplang group helped the ULFA mastermind the explosions. Officials of the intelligence wing of the army said today that the finger of suspicion in the Dimapur blasts points at fundamentalist groups operating out of ISI camps in Bangladesh.
47. Oct 09 The Assam Tribune: Yet another fierce gunfight between the NSCN-IM and Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) has left two cadres of the FGN killed in Phek district of Nagaland.
48. Oct 13 The Sentinel (Assam): Tension has prevailed along the 'E' sector of the Assam-Nagaland border here as one Dhenu Gar of Tokoubari was allegedly assaulted with khukris by two Naga men of Akahuto Basti at Khermia.
49. Oct 20 The Assam Tribune: The needle of suspicion in the Dimapur bomb blasts pointed towards the involvement of ULFA and ISI of Pakistan, Nagaland Chief Minister, N. Rio today told Home Minister Shivraj Patil.
50. Oct 21 The Assam Tribune: The Centre's chief interlocutor K Padmanabhiah is leaving for Bangkok tomorrow to take part in the two day talks with NSCN (IM).
51. Oct 24 Giving a boost to the Naga peace process, the Centre and the NSCN (IM) today agreed to hold further rounds of talks in India next month when the outfit's leaders meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
52. Oct 25 The Assam Tribune: SS Khaplang, chairman of the NSCN-K has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to sign any pact with visiting Myanmarese junta delegation for launching a joint army operation, inside the Myanmarese territory where the NSCN-K has its base headquarters.
53. Oct 26 The Telegraph: Nagaland CM has reiterated a proposal for an out-of-court settlement to solve the state's boundary dispute with neighbouring Assam. He said Nagaland would let "original" Assamese people stay on the disputed land, "but when foreign nationals settle, it is dangerous for both Assam and Nagaland". He was referring to the alleged Bangladeshi settlements along the Disturbed Area Belt.
54. Oct 29 The North East Tribune: The ISI's role in the recent serial blasts in Assam and Dimapur is linked to Indian troops reduction in the Eastern sector following China's recognition of Sikkim as an Indian state, and redeploying some units in Jammu and Kashmir. The Dimapur-based 3 corps moved its headquarters to the West during Operation Parakram against Pakistan, and while the 57 division returned with the corps after the end of the face-off, 33 Corps’ 27 division has remained stationed in J and K. 27 division originally based in Kalimpong has a operational role in Sikkim but because of the Chinese recognition, it has been decided to retain it in J and K, while the 17 division holding Sikkim has been brought down and given an additional role. With an extra division spared for J and K and the possibility of more troops for the Western sector, Indian intelligence has analysed that Pakistan has resorted to terrorism in the Northeast so that further troop reduction there is constrained.
55. Oct 29 Major S L Sharma of the Army's 94 Field Regiment and the police jointly raided the house of one Anil Rajkhowa and arrested the six suspected ISI activists led by one Mohammed Sabir Khan in connection with the Dimapur railway station blast in Nagaland.

56. Nov 01 The Telegraph: The Nagaland unit of the Congress today called for a blueprint on "what can be done to find a solution above the present status of statehood".
57. Nov 16 The Assam Tribune: K Chawang, deputy kilonser of the outfit alleged, "We have concrete evidence that the FGN group was supplied with at least 80 self-loading rifles, which are made in Indian Arms Ordnance Factory only. Chawang also alleged that the Government of India was arming the NSCN-K and FGN factions to cause internal differences and bloodshed and keep the NSCN-IM under pressure during negotiations with it.
58. Nov 26 The triangular factional clashes among the NSCN-IM, NSCN-K and the NNC/FGN which began since last week after a long gap of peace have till date have claimed at least eight militants' lives and injured scores of others.

59. Dec 02 The Assam Tribune: camps belonging to Khaplang faction of NSCN came under attack of Myanmar army across the border. The camps in which ULFA cadres were sheltered were also attacked, sources in Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed. A spokesman of the Khaplang faction confirmed that Myanmar army launched attacks on their camps. The ULFA has its 128 battalion inside Myanmar and about 300-400 cadres.
60. Dec 04 The Telegraph: With only two days left before the arrival of the NSCN (Isak-Muivah) leadership in Delhi, a fierce factional war has erupted in Nagaland which has left several rebels on either side dead and/or injured.
61. Dec 07 Nagaland Finance, Tourism and Excise Minister K Therie dismissed the charges that some of Rio's Cabinet Ministers were allegedly arming NNC and the NSCN (K) faction to disturb the ongoing political dialogues between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM).
62. Dec 09 The Telegraph: After the warm vibes in Delhi, the NSCN (Isak-Muivah)'s top leadership could get a surprisingly cold reception where it matters the most: Nagaland. Isak Chishi Swu and Thuingaleng Muivah will be visiting Nagaland only for the second time in three decades to gauge public opinion on the peace process and indications are that the duo will need all the diplomatic skills they have to ward off the gathering storm against their organisation. Two influential tribal organisations, the Ao Senden and the Sumi Hoho, have decided not to participate in the reception organised for the NSCN (I-M) leadership.
63. Dec 11 The Telegraph: The NSCN (Isak-Muivah) has opened channels of communication with "everyone" living near Naga inhabited areas, including people from the Kuki and Meitei communities, to give the peace process a hard push.
64. Dec 13 The North East Tribune: Another problem may have cropped up in the present NSCM (IM)-India talks as the Kuki National Army, another separatist group from Manipur, has come out with a strong objection to any demand for a greater Nagalim from the Naga rebels. In press note given to several newspapers, the KNA said "under no circumstances will the Kukis tolerate any inch of their ancestral land being included in the creation of a Greater Nagalim". The note further highlighted the Naga-Kuki clashes of the early nineties, which it termed as "genocide" on the Kuki people by the Nagas.
65. Dec 15 The Assam Tribune: At a time when the top leadership of the NSCN-IM is visiting the State, the ruling DAN government's Peace Committee has initiated peace talks with the 'Federal Government of Nagaland'. The timing of the peace talks with the FGN has drawn mixed reactions in the State because the NSCN-IM had made it clear to New Delhi that it does not want any parallel talks with any armed group in Nagaland.
66. Dec 18 The Telegraph: The NSCN (I-M) today said the exercise of seeking a "new mandate" for chairman Isak Chishi Swu and general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah would actually be more of a "reaffirmation" of faith in their leadership than a conventional election.
67. Dec 19 The Telegraph: The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) came under fire today from hundreds of people gathered at the funeral service of Naga Youth Movement president Besülhü Tetseo. The organisation is the youth wing of the Naga National Council (Adinno Phizo). Tetseo and one Sedevi Chakhesang, also of the NNC, were abducted by suspected NSCN (I-M) activists on Thursday evening. Tetseo's body with a bullet wound in the head was found by police near the BSF camp on the outskirts of Kohima on Friday. Chakhesang miraculously escaped a bullet.
68. Dec 21 The Telegraph: Sieluonuo Angami, a housewife, was killed when a stray bullet hit her during a shootout between NSCN (I-M) and NSCN (Khaplang) militants. An NSCN (K) rebel was also killed in the encounter. The killing of the elderly woman evoked widespread condemnation, which spilled to the streets today with women and girls joining the procession to Raj Bhavan wearing black Angami Naga shawls. "You cannot make a nation by killing your mothers," stated a placard carried by a little girl. Another said: "Killing innocents is not patriotism".
69. Dec 25 The Telegraph: The Naga National Council (Panger), which is the breakaway faction of the Adinno Phizo-led NNC, said if the peace talks ended in "integration of India-occupied Naga areas, then the NSCN will have made a formidable error". The outfit's president, I. Panger Walling, insisted that the issue of Naga sovereignty was an international one, but the NSCN (I-M) had weakened itself and the issue with the seven-year ceasefire with Delhi.

End Note:

Operation All Clear by the Royal Bhutan Army had an impact on faraway Nagaland due to the close links between the ULFA and the NSCN (K). Under the ceasefire agreement the Naga insurgents are permitted to maintain a certain number of camps—army and paramilitary surrounded and raided some of these in a hunt for ULFA members. This effort was backed up by the Myanmar army operations against northeast insurgent camps [including those of the NSCN (K)] in their country. Subsequently the ULFA and NSCN (K) are believed to have helped the ISI in carrying out the October 2nd blast at Dimapur.

Despite the ceasefire, fratricidal conflicts between the different Naga groups peaked towards the end of the year with the NSCN (K) alleging that the Ceasefire Monitoring Group under Lt Gen (retd) Kulkarni was overlooking attacks by the NSCN (IM), while the latter on its part alleged that the local state government (and the Assam Rifles) had armed the NNC/FGN and the NSCN (K) to put pressure on the NSCN (IM) during peace talks!

The NSCN (IM)’s peace talks with the central government progressed smoothly and the ceasefire with both the NSCN (IM) and the NSCN (K) was extended. This despite the fact that the government of India has pledged to uphold the territorial integrity of the neighboring states while the NSCN (IM) insists on the integration of all Naga-inhabited areas. Violent incidents by Naga groups in Manipur, Arunachal, and the Karbi-Anglong district of Assam continued unabated even as the territorial dispute between these state governments remained unresolved. The year ended on a positive note when, after several years, the NSCN (IM) Chairman Isak Chishi Swu and General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah came to Nagaland and peacefully celebrated Christmas. Read More......

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Op Hifazat-II

Operation Hifazat-II (Manipur)

The state of Manipur lies to the south of Nagaland and abuts southern Assam from the west—to Manipur’s east is Myanmar. Ninety percent of the former princely state is covered by hill ranges; except for the Imphal valley, where the majority population of Meitis live. The tribes of the hill districts received protection of their land and job reservations under the Scheduled Tribes status (denied to the Meitis)—to cap the grievances of the Meitis statehood was not granted to Manipur until 1972. The early insurgents of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) were defeated and pacified as a result of the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, where their government-in-exile had been based. Some of their cadres received training, and a socialist indoctrination, from the Chinese and formed the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) in 1978. Other groups with socialist leanings (PREPAK, KCP) also became active forcing the hand of the central government—Operation Hifazat (1980-82) defeated and dispersed these groups. Militancy was revived in the nineties after intelligence agencies of Pakistan and Bangladesh became active in the northeast. The hill tribes formed their own insurgent groups and fought the Meitis—and each other. Operation Hifazat II has continued through the nineties to pacify the troubled state.


The Eastern Command’s 3 Corps, headquartered at Dimapur (Nagaland), looks after the states of Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, and the hilly area of lower Assam. The Corps comprises the 57 Mountain Division at Silchar and the 23 Infantry Division at Ranchi (in faraway Bihar) supported by an artillery brigade. In 2001-02 the entire 3 Corps was moved to the western border for Operation Parakram (with the 57 Mountain Division going to J&K) but has since returned after the end of that standoff. This move was made possible by the abundant police and paramilitary forces present in the northeastern states—Manipur has 19 battalions of the Assam Rifles, 8 battalions of the CRPF, and 3 battalions of the BSF. The state police are supported by the locally raised Manipur Rifles and the India Reserve Battalions (IRB).
Assam Rifles:
Of all the paramilitary forces the Assam Rifles is closest to the Indian Army in its organization, training, and equipment. It has fought in all major wars and operations from the Burma campaign of World War II to the proxy war in J&K. The AR is under the operational control of the army and is led primarily by army officers on deputation—its headquarters are in Shillong where the DG Assam Rifles, an officer of the rank of Lt. General, oversees seven range headquarters across the northeast. (See

Major Events (Year 2004):
(See detailed map
note: in Manipur the word used to describe a militant/insurgent is “underground” (UG)

1. Jan 01 In a late evening encounter with a team of Imphal West district commandoes a suspected underground member has been gunned down.
2. Jan 03 Kanglaonline: In an encounter with the 33 Assam Rifles and the People Liberation Army (PLA), one of the latter’s cadre holding the post of project officer was killed.
3. Jan 06 Kanglaonline: One CRPF personnel of the 14th Bn stationed at Tuibong Poultry Farm was killed when unidentified underground cadres attacked personnel of the CRPF on ROP duty near Churachandpur police station.
4. Jan 07 The Kangla Online: Three armed activists of the banned Kanglei Yaol Kanna Lup, were killed by the Manipur police commandos at Heinganglok in Thoubal district of Manipur. Three more youths of KYKL were killed in an encounter with the police at Heirok Part-III in Thoubal district.
5. Jan 16 The North East Tribune: one suspected underground was killed by troops of 28 Assam Rifles posted at Thoubal in an encounter near Charangpat village.
6. Jan 17 Kanglaonline: A jawan of the 37th Assam Rifles was killed in an ambush by UNLF. The ambush occurred when AR jawans who were on ROP duty along Indo-Myanmar road were approaching Khudengtabi village.
7. Jan 20 The North East Tribune: Keeping aside ideological differences the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) of Manipur has openly lauded the NSCN (IM) for nabbing James Kuki, the alleged mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Lungnila Elizabeth. Kanglaonline: Two rebels suspected to be the activists of the valley insurgent outfit were killed in an alleged encounter with the Manipur police commandos. At least two underground activists, one BSF assistant sub-inspector, one state police constable and a girl were killed while a woman and one police personnel sustained bullet injuries in two separate encounters between underground activists and security forces today.
8. Jan 21 Kanglaonline: A hard core activist of the Kuki Revolutionary Army, KRA identified as Lalminthang Chongloi, 27, of Taphal village was killed in an encounter with troops of the 14 Assam Rifles early this morning at Changoubung village.
9. Four injured in Imphal market blast IMPHAL, JAN 27 (PTI)

10. Feb 03 Kanglaonline: Two suspected ultras were killed in the counter insurgency campaigns of the Manipur police commandos in the board daylight at the Chingmeirong firing range. The North East Tribune: The BJP Manipur unit has appealed to the KYKL to reconsider its move to ban the activities of the party while demanding the removal of party president and Lok Sabha MP, Th.Chaoba from the BJP.
11. Feb 04 two activists of the PREPAK were killed at Thangmeiband Yumnam Leikai while an Assam Rifles jawan of the 36th battalion shot himself with his service weapon at Tamenglong district.
12. Feb 05 The North East Tribune: A PLA activist reportedly attacked and stuck two police personnel with a spade, including the commando unit officer in charge N. Rajen(43) and constable Md. Amir Khan(24) at the Thoubal district police station when he was led to his cell after questioning.
13. Feb 12 Kanglaonline: Bishenpur SP, T Dhanakumar’s convoy of a Maruti Gypsy and a bullet proof vehicle was attacked by cadres of an unidentified underground outfit at Thongjaorok bridge. In the attack on the SP, at least 10 persons including five police personnel escorting the SP Bishenpur and five civilians were injured during the attack, according to official sources. A heavy encounter took place between the combined forces of IRB and Bishnupur police with unknown armed militants at Ngangkha Lawai, under Morang police station.
14. Feb 18 Kanglaonline: Two jawans were killed when cadres of PLA attacked a column of 44 CRPF posted at Ethai who were conducting ROP on foot along Moirang Khunou, 4 km south of Moirang police station. At least three civilians were also hospitalised after some personnel of the 44 CRPF posted at Moirang Khunou electricity campus thrashed the locals following the attack. In a landmark development, the government of India and Myanmar agreed to conduct joint survey of the disputed boundary pillars along the Indo-Myanmar border.
15. Feb 24 The North East Tribune: Twenty Bangladeshi national have been arrested by the state police for entering Manipur without proper documents from Eastern Star Hotel, Nagamapal in Imphal city on Saturday.
16. Feb 25 Kanglaonline: In a combined operation with the Garhwal Rifles, Assam Rifles troops stationed at the Tulihal Airport complex shot dead one UG cadre some 2 kms east of Patsoi police station. While carrying out another operation in the Toubungkhok area, troops of Garhwal Rifles noticed the suspicious movement of an individual and on being challenged the UG activist started firing at the troops taking the cover of the high roadside bundh. The youth was killed when the security personnel retaliated. Two civilians were injured by stray bullets in an encounter between two underground groups that took place around 7 pm last night at Sugnu. Fall out of a desperate attempt of merging all the KNF factions into one unit
17. Feb 27 A PIL will be filed at the Gauhati High Court for giving false promises to the people of Manipur on the Kangla issue the Convener of the People's Movement Committee, Manipur (PMCM) RK Ranendrajit today said speaking to the media. He narrated the long history of the movement to restore the Kangla to the people of Manipur. One prime land after another has been allotted to the Assam Rifles he said. The Assam Rifles has been demanding the land in lieu of Kangla however after the land is allotted the Assam Rifles has not evicted the Kangla on one pretext or other he said. In another incident personnel of 14 Assam Rifles shot dead two suspected underground activists at N Songlung village about 20 kilometres west of Saikul police station.
18. Feb 28 A suspected PLA activist was killed in an encounter with personnel of 33 Assam Rifles near Wabagai Buffalo Farm about six kilometres west of Kakching police station. A Division bench of the Gauhati high Court today asked, the Ministry of Home Affairs to give Rs 7 lakhs as monetary compensations to some villagers of Sagang village who were victimized by the 23 Bn CRPF in two separate incidents.

19. Mar 04 Personnel of Assam Rifles have shot dead a youth at Thoubal Okram Leikai after picking him up from his house. The deceased youth is identified as one Md Rahaman son of Md Ibothem of Thoubal Moijing Meena Bazar. However Assam Rifles Spokesman in a statement said that the killed youth was a hardcore militant of the PLA and added that he was killed when the troops came upon a group of militants extorting money. Heavily armed UGs attacked the private house of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh late last night at Thoubal Athokpam under Thoubal Dist injuring two IRB personnel of the 3rd Bn.
20. Mar 08 The Assam Tribune: jawans of the 28th Assam Rifles launched a search operation in Charangpat Kshetri Leikai killing three militants.
21. Mar 16 Kanglaonline: personnel of the 19th Rajput Rifles, posted at Leimakhong gunned down, Khumanthem Naoba alias Ajit, of the PLA.
22. Mar 18 The North East Tribune: Go back Indian army, Stop genocide, remove AFSPA from Manipur, stop arrest of Manipuris and punish the guilty army personnel slogans rent the air of the Imphal city as thousands of the public took out a protest rally against the Army for the killings of 12 youths in the state during the past two weeks.
23. Mar 19 Three persons including an innocent civilian were killed during an encounter between troops of 33 Assam Rifles and well armed UGs at Wangboo village.
24. Mar 20 United Kuki Liberation' Front (UKLF) has clarified that Sgt Major Samukcham Okendro of PREPAK was killed in a shoot out between the cadres of UKLF and PREPAK at Lairoifai on March 15 following a misunderstanding between the cadres of the two parties.
25. Mar 25 Kanglaonline: a team of Imphal east police arrested one KYKL activist while two activist of PLA were arrested by Imphal East police yesterday. The troops of the 17th Assam Rifles also arrested one activist of the underground PLA from Heirangoithong.
26. Mar 26 Hindustan Times: Assam Rifles personnel of 8th battalion rushed to Thanga Heisnam Leikai area following reports that some militants were roaming in the area. As paramilitary forces started mopping up the area after it was cordoned off, militants opened fire. In the exchange of fire that lasted an hour, an unidentified militant was killed and a jawan was injured.
27. Mar 27 Kanglaonline: Two personnel of the 8 Assam Rifles were killed in a shoot out with suspected UG elements in the wee hours today at Thanga Heisnam Hanjabam Leikai in Bishnupur district.
28. Mar 29 Kanglaonline: A Hmar People’s Convention, HPC (D) militant held captive by the Zomi Revolutionary Army, ZRA for his alleged involvement in extortion escaped by snatching a gun from a captor nearby when the ZRA men were busy with lunchtime prayer. Suddenly, four ZRA cadres giving a hot chase to the fleeing captive were rained down with bullets by HPC (D) militants waiting in ambush and one Zamkhosuan of the ZRA was killed. Moments later, a large crowd appeared from the Renkai Muallum area and caught two ZRA cadres who were then butchered to death inside a house.

29. Apr 07 Red Army cadres of the underground revolutionary outfit PREPAK launched a daring attack at the post of the 17th Assam Rifles at Kangla. The Assam Tribune: troops of the 12th Assam Rifles killed one member of the Revolutionary People’s Party (RPP) in an encounter at Loukhong in Manipur’s Imphal East district.
30. Apr 09 Hundreds of Kuki men, women and children fleeing from the deadly clashes in Karbi Anglong between the Karbi militant group UPDS and the Kuki group KRA, are pouring into Dimapur town and in Senapati and Churachandpur districts of Manipur in search of safe shelter. Troops of 12 Assam Rifles killed one hardcore militant near Nongdam village.
31. Apr 10 Kanglaonline: To curb the UG threats, three CRPF companies from Khuga project site, one section each of Manipur Rifles from Maphou dam and from Dolaithabi project sites have been called out for adding to the formerly arranged security set up for the ensuing Lok Sabha election in the state.
32. Apr 13 Kanglaonline: The Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup, KYKL has announced the death sentence for one drug traffickers identified as Sorokhaibam Shanti apprehended by its cadres implementing Operation New Kangleipak, ONK in the state. The other three which included a woman will be released after shots in their legs. The outfit says it has been taking up serious actions against drug trafficking since November 15, 2002 to save the youths of the state.
33. More than a year later, in April 2004, another 'area domination exercise' was conducted by the Army in Sajik Tampak, just before the elections from the outer Manipur constituency to the Indian parliament. Amidst calls for a boycott of the elections by the militants, the operations were aimed at neutralising the influence of the underground.
34. Apr 21 Kanglaonline: The underground UNLF has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack on BSF personnel at Tuilaphai village in Churachandpur district. The lone BSF personnel killed has been identified as Constable Ashok Kumar of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.
35. Apr 22 The five security personnel were injured when suspected underground members ambushed a combined force convoy at Chalong Lamkhai. The injured include three Assam rifles and two 2nd IRB personnel.
36. Apr 24 The Assam Tribune: Three police commandos were killed and another seriously injured in an ambush by Manipur ultras at Khordak area in interior Bishenpur district.
37. Apr 25 Kanglaonline: Soon after arrival at the 57 Mountain Division headquarters at Leimakhong, Dimapur based 3 Corps Commander Lt Gen Daljit was engaged in a meeting with 10 Sector Commander Brigadier R Singh and 9 Sector Commander Brig EJ Kochekkan. Terming the ongoing conflict as only the beginning the Army official stated that more concerted attacks would be launched to establish a permanent Army post at Sajik Tampak by dislodging the underground organizations' camp at the area. Unidentified gunmen gunned down former State DGP Lairenjam Jugeshwor at Mayai Koibi Chabungbam Leikai.
38. Apr 26 The North East Tribune: Three insurgents were gunned down while another was seriously injured during pre-poll offensives by the Manipur police commandos and IRB jawans at Yairipok Yambem in Thoubal district.
39. Apr 27 A team of Imphal East district commandos gunned down three UGs and injured one during a fierce encounter at Yairipok Yambem.
40. Apr 30 The Assam Tribune: Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has demanded immediate fencing and proper guarding of “porous” Indo-Myanmar border to curb the anti-social as well as anti-national activities along the international boundary.

41. May 04 Assam Rifles in an encounter lasting five hours with militants of the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) shot dead seven of them at Molnom village, in Ukhrul Hill district of Manipur last night.
42. May 07 Kanglaonline: Three battalions of the Indian Army; 7th Sikh Light Infantry, 9th Rajput and 27th Madras Regiment have been stationed at Sugnu, Chakpikarong and Sajik Tampak respectively completing a brigade formation in the area. Confirming the installment of 44th Mountain Brigade in the area, Brigadier OS Malhi who took charge on May 1 as commander of the newly installed brigade while speaking to reporters at Chakpikarong yesterday said the Army will be permanently stationed in the area. However, the Brigadier denied carrying out any special operations beyond Sajik Tampak. “We are here only to help the state government and to let the government machineries which have remained defunct since past few years to revive,” Malhi said.
43. May 19 Kanglaonline: Vice chairman Nongdren of the underground PREPAK was reportedly wounded during a fierce encounter with Indian security forces along the Bangladesh-Tripura border on May 15. The Assam Tribune: Troops of 13 Assam Rifles under the supervision of Brigadier R N Bhattacharjee, commander of 10 Sector, seized a huge quantity of materials belonging to an underground outfit operating in the State. The statement of the PIB further stated that the search operation which was conducted under the code name “Operation Talash” took more than 5 hours to complete.
44. May 20 Kanglaonline: A heavy exchange of fire took place between suspected valley based UGs and a combined team comprising of Bishenpur district commandos and IRB at Patpal under Bishenpur district police station. The Supreme Court has ruled out the proposal to arm Forest Guards in Manipur and other North Eastern States of India.
45. May 26 family members of two youths from kangpokpi area killed by personnel of 18 Assam Rifles, refused to take back the bodies alleging both were killed after arrest from their homes.
46. May 27 Kanglaonline: The Assam Rifles authorities have stated that Elam Nabachandra Singh alias Ngouba, self styled lieutenant of the underground PLA, was apprehended in a swift operation.
47. May 31 The North East Tribune: Normal life came to a standstill in Manipur today in an 18-hour bandh called by the Manipur Forward Youth Front (MFYF). The bandh call is given against state cabinet decision to extend the disturbed area status under Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, from June 1. Kanglaonline: The international border gate no. 2 connecting the border towns of Moreh and Tamu was closed down for some time this afternoon following tension in the area over the thrashing of an Indian citizen by Myanmarese security personnel. The tension subsided and normal cross-border trade resumed after the Myanmarese security authorities at Tamu apologised to the Moreh public.

48. Jun 01 Kanglaonline: One ZRA activist, Tulianthang Baite and Isaak Singson, a KNF cadre who were arrested from their respective homes by 19 Garhwal Rifles were handed over to CCpur police station. One activist of the PLA, Soibam Sanjoy Singh (23) who was caught from his residence by the 10 sector, Assam Rifles was handed over to the Sekmai police station. An Assam Rifles JCO, posted as guard commander at the Moreh international border gate no. 2, connecting the border town with Namphalong market of Tamu, was shot dead by unidentified armed men late this afternoon at the border gate. The victim is identified as naik subedar K Binod Kumar, hailing from Himachal Pradesh.
49. Jun 02 The Army has ordered an inquiry into the alleged gunning down of one person at Senjam Khunou on May 31 by 19 Rajput Rifles. Combined team of Bishnupur police commando and IRB personnel claimed to have apprehended 12 Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) cadres at Churachandpur district while another commando party gunned down two underground members at Wangoi area. The Assam Tribune: Though the Assam Rifles (AR) has been entrusted with the job of guarding the India-Myanmar border, it would take some time for the AR to take over the job and it would have to raise new battalions for the purpose. The Government of India is also examining the feasibility of construction of border fencing on the routes known to be frequently used by the militants. However, it would not be possible to fence the entire border because of the terrain, security sources admitted.
50. Jun 03 The Telegraph: The army today instituted an inquiry into allegations that a relative of Manipur food and civil supplies minister Pheiroijam Parijat Singh was killed in a fake encounter. the Guwahati High Court Imphal Bench has today issued notices to the Centre and the Assam Rifles on the killing of one youth by Assam Rifles personnel in an alleged fake encounter during Holi festival this year. The petition said that in the wee hours of March 9 2004 personnel of 17 Assam Rifles picked up Debeshore from his residence without issuing any arrest memo.
51. Jun 04 The Gauhati High Court has asked the Army authority to pay Rs 1.5 lakhs as compensation for killing a person identified as T Moni at Tonsen Lamkhai after being arrested by troopers of 14 Sikh Light infantry in 1998.
52. Jun 05 kanglaonline: At least six state security personnel were wounded, some of them seriously, in a running encounter this forenoon with well armed underground fighters in the vicinity of Khoirentak and Harmantlank villages.
53. Jun 07 Kanglaonline: Troops of the 38 Assam Rifles had an encounter with suspected KNF(MC) cadres at Bungte Chiru, 8 km north west of Bishnupur police station, killing two suspected cadres. Three suspected KNF members were also nabbed by the security forces. A militant believed to belong to the UKLF, was killed by troops of the 19 Assam Rifles at Thawai Kuki village.
54. Jun 11 Kanglaonline: Personnel of the 33 AR posted at Khongjom Kheba Ching handed over the body of an unidentified suspected UG to the Kakching police station.
55. Jun 13 Chief of the Army’s Eastern Command Lt Gen JS Mukherjee said Bhutan type militant flush out operation depends on the mutual policy of both the Governments, which does not exist so far with Myanmar and Bangladesh. He was addressing ex-servicemen at the 2 Assam Rifles Ground, Kohima on Friday.

56. July 07 3 suspected cadres of the underground United Kuki Liberation Front, UKLF were eliminated by a combined team of the Imphal west district police commandos and the 12th Assam Rifles in a pre-dawn shootout today in the Langol reserve forest area.
57. Manorama Killing: July 12 Manipur Forward Youth Front (MFYF) has called the 48-hour Manipur bandh in protest the alleged killing of a 30-year-old woman, Thangjam Monorama Devi, by personnel of the 17th Battalion of Assam Rifles yesterday. Meanwhile, official sources said Monorama Devi was a former member of banned People's Liberation Army (PLA).
58. Jul 16 UNLF attacked the II IRB post at Ngangkhalawai; there is no report of any injury or casualty of security personnel. The second attack was launched at Moirang Khunou Power House post of ‘A’ Company of the 132 CRPF. Under barrel grenade launcher and rocket launcher were used during the attack. No casualties are reported. A number of women folk, bared all in front of the Western Gate of Kangla this morning, where the 9 Sector Assam Rifles and 17 AR are housed, to lodge their protest against the killing of Thangjam Manorama.
59. Jul 17 The North East Tribune: The state government had asked the Assam Rifles authorities to hand over the three personnel who signed the memo served to the family of Th. Monorama Devi at the time of her arrest. Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh said indefinite curfew in Imphal and Greater Imphal areas had been imposed to protect public property and lives.
60. Jul 18 One CRPF man was killed and nine others injured last night during an exchange of fire between suspected UG group and the 14th Bn CRPF stationed at Lamka Community Hall, Upper Lamka.
61. Jul 20 Lt Gen Daljeet Singh, GOC 3 Corps, while reaffirming that guilty personnel involved in the custodial death of Manorama would be punished according to the law of the land, has informed that the Court of Inquiry instituted to probe the killing is proceeding in full swing at Kangla. Commenting on the Judicial Inquiry instituted by the State Govt to probe the circumstances leading to the death of Manorama, the Corps Commander reiterated that the army and the Assam Rifles authorities would extend full cooperation to the probe. Following the continuing agitation two battalions belonging to the RAPF 101 Bn Allahabad which include women personnel arrived on a special military plane. They have been put up at the 1st Manipur Rifles campus.
62. Jul 21 Kanglaonline: The Federal Party of Manipur, FPM has joined the chorus of voices denouncing the state government for its failure to remove the Disturbed Area status under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 from the state.
63. Jul 22 The post-mortem report of Manorama Devi, whose alleged killing in the custody of Assam Rifles has led to mass protests in Manipur, has said, “there has not been any rape and molestation”, a Defence spokesman said here today. He also revealed that Manorama was a militant with expertise in making explosives. Kanglaonline: Union minister of state for home, Prakash Jaiswal, who was in Imphal to assess the turbulent situation, made no promises on the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Manipur, a major demand of the public. But he did say that the process of shifting of the Assam Rifles from Kangla Fort is likely to be completed by the end of this year.
64. Jul 26 The Assam Tribune: The 24 hours general strike which came into force from yesterday midnight hit normal life in Imphal today. The strike which will continue till today midnight was called by 32 social and voluntary organisations in the State against the forced cremation of Thangjam Manorama’s highly decomposed body here yesterday evening by the State authorities.
65. Jul 30 Three Assam Rifles (19 AR) personnel were killed when well armed UGs ambushed them at Namthilok four Kms west of Litan PS.

66. Aug 04: The army has launched Operation Hifazat II against PLA hideouts near the Myanmar border and has recently inducted another brigade into the state for these operations.
67. Aug 08 The Centre today said the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) whose withdrawal has been sought by political parties and social organizations, was “required” in Manipur “till normalcy returns” to the State.
68. Aug 09 Kanglaonline: A total of 675 persons sustained injuries till date, primarily in police action in the public agitation demanding removal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act since July 16.
69. Aug 12 The Times of India: Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh could not convene a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act because of pressure from the Centre even as tension mounted across the state with tribals joining the agitation by calling a 12-hour bandh in five hill districts on Thursday. The Hindu: The Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil, today said the Government was seized of the situation in Manipur and it was willing to do everything possible including shifting the Assam Rifles out of the Kangla Fort and its withdrawal from the State.
70. Aug 16 The Hindu: The Manipur Chief Minister, O. Ibobi Singh, in his address on Independence Day said the Government had withdrawn the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from seven Assembly segments in the Imphal Municipal Area on a trial basis. He pointed out that Manorama Thangjam, who was killed, allegedly by security forces, was a "pucca" underground, and called upon the people not to get carried away by sentiments, and cooperate with the State Government in restoring peace and normality.
71. Aug 18 Kanglaonline: The Asst Comdt, SS Saka of 33 AR has taken a serious note and expressed disappointment over the utilization of civilian properties for attacks on security forces. Saka has demanded that the villagers be asked not to allow UGs to utilize their homes and other possessions as a medium for attacking security forces. Saka handed over his complaint to the Thoubal police station after UG attacks at the 33 AR posts at Keirak on August 16.
72. Aug 19 The ongoing Thangjam Manorama Death Inquiry Commission has today examined Imphal West Dist SDPO N Gourakishore who abortively attempted to serve summons to five 17 Assam Rifles witnesses, Colonel Jagmohan Singh, Commandant Naik Subedar Digambar Dutt, Havildar Sureshkumar rifleman Ajit Singh and Lotha. The examination was conducted to prove that the AR authorities had refused to accept the summons.
73. Aug 20 The Telegraph: Gauhati High Court today temporarily exempted the commandant of the Assam Rifles’ 17th battalion, Col Jagmohan Singh, from appearing before the C. Upendra judicial commission appointed by the Manipur government to probe the killing of Thangjam Manorama.
74. Aug 23 Kanglaonline: Personnel of the Imphal east district police today seized sophisticated arms and ammunition from a room of the Manipur University boys hostel.
75. Aug 24 Kanglaonline: All Tribal Student’s Union Manipur has strongly condemned the alleged action of the 14th Assam Rifles which reportedly threatened some hill people and organised a rally in support of AFSPA. ATSUM maintained that there is no difference in opinion between the hill people and people in the valley against the draconian law.
76. Aug 28 Kanglaonline: At least three women including mother of an Indian Revenue Service, IRS officer were injured when unidentified youths lobbed a grenade into the room of the EE district electricity department.
77. Aug 30 Kanglaonline: The proceedings of the Justice (retd) C Upendra Commission of Inquiry probing the death of Thangjam Manorama will be held inside the premises of Central Jail, Imphal at 10.45 am as per the directive of the Gauhati High Court. During the proceedings, the four personnel of the 17 Assam Rifles will depose as witnesses to the alleged rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama Devi.
78. Aug 31 The Telegraph: Manipur today cautiously welcomed the army's offer to subject the Assam Rifles personnel accused of raping Thangjam Manorama to DNA tests.

79. Sep 02 To protest the killing of Th Manorama Devi and Saichang village pastor Jamkholet Khongsai as well as endorsing the ongoing movement spearheaded by Apunba Lup to demand the complete withdrawal of AFSPA, bandhs and general strikes were enforced in various parts of the State today.
80. Sep 05 Times of India: The Apunba Lup, an apex body of 32 organisations spearheading protests for the scrapping of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, called the dawn-to-dusk shutdown to coincide with Patil's visit to the state capital Imphal.
81. Sep 07 Kanglaonline: a heavy exchange of fire took place between the 37th AR and underground outfits at Sita village in Chandel district.
82. Sep 09 Kanglaonline: Zomi Revolutionary Army alleged that almost all the villagers are put under siege by the UNLF laying mines on the periphery of the villages and forcing the people to supply essential commodities to its cadres.
83. Sep 14 The Hindu: Gen. Vij said the withdrawal of the AFSPA from Manipur could give rise to similar demands from other States in the North-East and Jammu and Kashmir. The Army Court of Inquiry has urged the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Imphal to direct the OC of Irilbung Police Station to depose before it along with the DNA profile of the semen stain reported to have been detected on the petticoat of Th Manorama.
84. Sep 16 Gauhati High Court Imphal bench has today issued notices to both the State and Central respondents pertaining to the alleged illegal occupation of Lighthouse Cinema Hall Churachandpur by Central Security forces. The petitioner Sangzuali Gangte is the proprietor of Light House Cinema Churachandpur. According to her petition, personnel of 32 Bn BSF without any prior information had been occupying the cinema hall from Jan 19 2002 till they were recently replaced by CRPF personnel.
85. Sep 17 The Hindu: Army Chief, N.C. Vij, said there were reports of Manorama’s underground connections. Referring to the post-mortem report he said: “It has come out clearly that there is no rape and I think this is one fact which must reach everyone.”
86. Unified Command Set up in Manipur Sep 20: The Centre has put together a unified headquarters for Manipur that is being shaped on the lines of the politico-military authority in Jammu and Kashmir. The unified headquarters will vest enormous responsibilities on the army whose divisional commander will function as the security adviser to chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh. The Manipur chief minister will be the chairman of the unified command council. Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam is the only state to have a unified headquarters.
87. Sep 27 The Assam Tribune: A local court has rejected an application of the Army Court of Inquiry to direct Manipur Police for producing the DNA profile of semen found on the undergarments of Thangjam Manorama, who was arrested by Assam Rifles on July 10 and found dead the next day. The Army Court of Inquiry and the judicial commission of retired judge C Upendra are separately probing the death of Manorama Devi. The Army court wanted to compare the DNA profile of the semen found on Manorama's garments with those of blood samples of the Assam Rifles personnel.
88. Sep 28 Kanglaonline: At least one Assam Rifles jawan posted at Khudengthabi post was injured when some unidentified armed persons suspected to be UG cadres ambushed a foot-patrol party of the 37th AR.

89. Oct 01 Militants today ambushed CRPF patrols at Geljang, Tronglaobi and Kangbai areas of Manipur's Churachandpur district, killing a CRPF jawan and injuring 15 others, four seriously, official sources said. The militants opened fire from both sides of the hilly road running through the Geljang hill forest, about 60 km south of here, when CRPF personnel of 28th battalion were patrolling the area this morning.
90. Oct 02 A team of the Imphal East Dist police under the supervision of its SP Kh Chandramani seized 1.5 Kgs of heroin from a man near Nambol Khorikphaba Ching. The man revealed that he had brought the drugs, worth about Rs one crore in the international market, from Myanmar.
91. Oct 04 Personnel of 33 Assam Rifles apprehended three suspected UGs during search operation at Kakching Khunou and Umathel. The Telegraph: Hundreds of National Cadet Corps members of Manipur today took out a rally here demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and also the ban imposed by the Apunba Lup on NCC activities in the state.
92. Oct 06 Kanglaonline: The Army has moved the Gauhati High Court on October 4 seeking the court's intervention to instruct concerned authorities to accord sanction to carry out matching DNA samples with the semen stains found on Th Manorama's undergarments.
93. Oct 07 Kanglaonline: At least three suspected cadres of a yet to be identified underground group were shot dead by a combined team of the Imphal west and Bishnupur police commandos in an operation this morning on the banks of the Khordak river.
94. Oct 10 The bodies of the six underground activists killed by security force personnel during an encounter at Hingjol village have been handed over to Sugnu police station today. According to police source, the bodies were handed over by one TP Singh said to be in-charge of Indian Army's 21 battalion special force (para-commando).
95. Oct 14 Kanglaonline: The newly deployed Army stationed near Churachandpur SP office is holding a meeting with authorities of eight villages located in the periphery of the district headquarters. The summons were served by one Lt K Singh of the Army to village chiefs of Bungmual, Mualveng, Pearsenmun, Zomi colony, Phailian, M Songjel, M Semuol, and Haijang for the said eeting.
96. Oct 15 Kanglaonline: The 24 hour state wide general strike call given by the Manipur People's Liberation Front (MPLF), the umbrella organization of PLA, PREPAK, and UNLF. The outfit calls the general strike to protest the merging of Princely state of Manipur into the Indian Union on this day in 1949. Telegraph: The unified command launched an operation at S. Nobin village in Bishenpur district to flush out militants. Early this morning the combined forces and militants traded gunfire for nearly half an hour. There was no report of casualty on any side. Police confirmed that the operation was launched jointly by the Bishenpur district police, Indian Reserve Battalion and Garhwal Rifles.
97. Oct 26 Kanglaonline: A major of the 27 Madras Regiment sustained leg injuries when troops of the regiment fell victim to a booby trap laid by underground outfits in between Joupi and Sajik Tampak, Chandel district. The injured major has been evacuated to Leimakhong Army hospital in a helicopter. 3 ultras were also killed in the operation.
98. Oct 27 The Assam Tribune: Twelve people, including two army jawans, were killed in encounters and militant strikes in Manipur since yesterday, official sources said today. Militants opened fire from wooded hillsides on army personnel leading to a firefight in which an army jawan of 19th Rajput Rifles, two insurgents and two civilians were killed at Tuilaiphai area in Churachandpur district. In another firefight with militants at Phoibi area in the same district, a jawan of 5th Gorkha Rifles was killed, the sources said.
99. Oct 28 The Assam Tribune: Villagers residing along the Chandel district of Manipur bordering Myanmar get precious stones from their Myanmarese counterparts in exchange for medicines, shoes, clothes and automobile parts. These gem items finally reach the Middle-east and other European countries after passing through Guwahati, one of the biggest markets of precious stones in India and Surat, the gem capital of India.
100. Oct 29 Personnel of the 4th Assam Rifles gunned down a sergeant major of an underground outfit in between Koirengei Akham Leirak and Achanbigei five kms north east of Heingang PS.

101. Nov 01 Kanglaonline: Of the 32 organisations dubbed as "terrorists" under the newly promulgated Government of India ordinance, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Ordinance 2004, 10 are from the northeast region, and of these 10, six are Manipur based, and all of them are valley based. Interestingly, none of the Naga or Kuki underground organizations figure in the list of this ordinance.
102. Nov 03 The Assam Tribune: Reacting to a claim from a powerful outfit over heavy casualties on the part of the Indian armies launching 'Operation All Clear' under the 'Unified Command Structure' with the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi as chairman, a defense wing press statement said the claim made by the banned United National Liberation Front (UNLF) was just a figment of their imagination without any truth. A large number of underground cadres have been forced to relocate from their bases, with some of them even crossing the border to escape the Army's dragnet. Many cadres have also deserted their outfits following the offensive.
103. Nov 06 The Indian army says it has attacked more than 100 rebel bases in Manipur since Monday, killing more than 20 rebels and capturing 34. Given the duration of the current operation, however, the neutralisation of about 54 militants (20 killed and 34 arrested), as of November 6, out of an estimated strength of 2,000 cadres present in the area, is at best a modest achievement. Considering the claim that more than 100 militant hideouts have been attacked, the seizure of just 20 weapons indicates a long struggle ahead. The troika of the UNLF, PLA and PREPAK, a lone Kuki outfit KRA, appear to have evaded the brunt of the Army's offensive
104. Nov 08 "Security forces had been carrying out counter-insurgency operation in several areas of Manipur as a normal duty and at least 13 militants had been killed, 34 ultras apprehended and 20 weapons recovered since September", army PRO Maj. S D Goswami said, adding, "no joint operation with Myanmar is being carried out to eject insurgents." The spokesman said there was no particular name for the ongoing counter-insurgency operation although some papers had termed it as "Operation All Clear". The Army PRO denied that he had ever said 6000 troops had been deployed in the interior region or 100 rebel camps had been attacked by the Army since Monday last in Manipur.
105. Nov 09 The Telegraph: Security forces in Manipur have stepped up counter-insurgency operations in the areas bordering Myanmar less than a month after Delhi signed an agreement with the junta for co-operation on security issues. Night curfew has been clamped in several areas of Churachandpur district, adjoining Myanmar, for a month to facilitate the operation.
106. Nov 10 The Assam Tribune: The Army yesterday busted a temporary 'General Headquarters' of the separatist People's Liberation Army (PLA) at Behang area on the Manipur-Myanmar border. Army personnel during counter-insurgency operations in the past four to five days destroyed PLA camps at Theigothang, Zou Khuman and its 'GHQ' at Behang, a Defence release said.
107. Nov 11 Kanglaonline: Two cadres of the underground People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak, PREPAK, formally surrendered to the state chief minister, O Ibobi Singh in a ceremony held this afternoon at the chief minister's bungalow. The United Naga Council, UNC, has called a ten-day long economic blockade on all the National Highways in the state from November 17 onwards against the state government's rejection of the 2001 census figures for some of the hill districts, particularly Senapati district. The Telegraph: Forced by the army-police-paramilitary combine to flee their hideouts along the Indo-Myanmar border in Churachandpur and Chandel districts, militant groups active in Manipur have shifted their focus to the valley districts. A newly opened BSF post in Imphal East district was today attacked by a group of militants.
108. Nov 13 Eighteen people, including two women and two children, were injured in a bomb blast in front of the Assam Rifles headquarters at Kangla Fort in the heart of Imphal while unidentified ultras attacked security personnel at Senapati and Churachandpur district in Manipur today.
109. Nov 14 Spelling out its agenda, the Kuki National Front (KNF) stated that the Kukis of India are suffering politically before the British rule in India and after India attained independence from the British. In a statement NL Daniel Haokip, information secretary of the Front said that in such circumstances, the outfit is working to achieve the political goal of the Kukis of India by seeking Kukiland that comprises of all the Kuki dominated areas under one administrative unit in the North Eastern region within the frame work of India's Constitution and articles.
110. Nov 18 The Telegraph: Armed with a letter from the Union home ministry about the Prime Minister's commitment to hand over Kangla Fort to the Manipur government during his visit to the state, chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh today asked the Assam Rifles to vacate the historical complex “completely” before Manmohan Singh's arrival.
111. Nov 21 The Hindu: It was a historic day for the people of Manipur when the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, presided over a ceremony to hand over the Kangla Fort - located in the heart of the Imphal city - to the State Government. People applauded as the Assam Rifles Director-General, Lt. Gen. Bhupinder Singh, handed over the Fort's keys to the Manipur Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh. The Kangla Fort was conquered by the British forces in 1891. The Assam Rifles came to the fort in 1915 and it has been in its use since then.
112. Nov 23 Kanglaonline: Speaking to mediapersons during an informal interaction, Col. Mukherjee of the 13th Jammu and Kashmir Rifles, said there is no such thing as forced labour of civilian population, asserting that wherever the troops go, they treat people generously, and extend all possible humanitarian services. Disclosing that civil administration offices will be formally reinstated in Singngat village, including SDO/BDO offices on November 27 next, he also informed that the 13 J&K Rifles will be organising a civic action programme to coincide with the occasion. The report of the commission of inquiry constituted to look into the circumstances of the killing of Th Manorama Devi by Assam Rifles troops on the night of July 10 has been submitted to the state government. However, as per the orders of the Gauhati High Court, the inquiry report or the findings is not to be published without the approval of the High Court.
113. Nov 28 Kanglaonline: Altogether 367 extremists belonging to various underground outfits were arrested and 79 such extremists were killed by state police and security forces while conducting counter insurgency operation during the period January to June, 2004.
114. Nov 30 Kanglaonline: The Kuki Movement for Human Rights, KMHR, has sent an urgent SOS to the state and Central governments over a quit notice allegedly served by NSCN(IM) militants on the residents of some Kuki villages in Tamenglong district. The Assam Tribune: Defence spokesperson Maj. S.D. Goswami said a camp set up by the banned Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) was overrun during a raid last weekend. The army launched the offensive immediately after a unified command structure on the lines of the politico-military authority in Jammu and Kashmir was put in place. An army brigade subsequently moved into Churachandpur to intensify operations with the assistance of two BSF battalions and the police. Official sources said the Army had detected at least 120 militant camps in interior parts of the three districts by using Remote Sensing Satellite System.

115. Dec 02 The Telegraph: “We cannot accept the Prime Minister's offer to review the armed forces act and replace it with a more humane law. The people of Manipur are reeling under atrocities committed by the security forces under this act. Therefore, we will not accept anything less than a total repeal of this draconian act," Ramani Devi, one of the 12 women who stunned the nation by staging a nude protest in front of the gate to Kangla Fort in July, said at a public meeting convened by the Apunba Lup, a committee of 32 organisations spearheading the agitation against the legislation.
116. Dec 03 Kanglaonline: 4 CRPF personnel and 3 civilians were injured when militants attacked a CRPF patrol with a powerful bomb at Khurai Lamlong bazaar in Imphal East district.
117. Dec 04 PIB Defence Wing admitted that there was a brief exchange of fire between an Army patrol and the militants near Kaiphundai, while the security personnel were carrying out Area domination patrol. The militants escaped through the jungle, it added. However, the claim of MPA that two army jawans were killed is totally baseless and mere propaganda to boost the morale of their cadres who are gradually getting disillusioned due to the series of reverses suffered by them recently, said the statement.
118. Dec 09 Kanglaonline: The Committee to Review the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, said today that it will be visiting Manipur from December 27 to elicit views and public opinion on the Act. Fresh clashes between rival underground groups in some areas of Tousem subdivision of Tamenglong district has resulted in an exodus of villagers from these areas. Fighting broke out between NSCN (IM) cadres and a combined group of NSCN (K), UNLF and KNF in the region.
119. Dec 11 Kanglaonline: Manipur police killed a cadre of the banned People's Liberation Army in an encounter at Lalambung Makhong. The Assam Tribune: Three columns of 35 Assam Rifles have been rushed to Tamenglong district following clashes between different militant groups of Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur. The AR men are also accompanied by personnel of Tamenglong police. The security men and state government have distributed blankets, food, and ensured lodging to the fleeing tribals.
120. Dec 11 The Telegraph: "Operations against Northeast rebels seem imminent in Myanmar. We have concrete reports that the Myanmar authorities have started deploying troops along the border," Lt Gen. Jamwal told The Telegraph after inaugurating the Barkhopa high school building constructed by the army.
121. Dec 13 The Assam Tribune: About 200 villagers from Manipur today fled to neighbouring Myanmar following heavy exchange of fire between the Army and separatist Manipur People's Army in interior areas of Chandel district.
122. Dec 14 The Telegraph: Assam Rifles units from Kohima and Dimapur will soon move to Chandel, Churachandpur and Tamenglong districts of Manipur to strengthen the security deployment in the neighbouring state. The 79 brigade of the army is in Sajik Tampak, while the 57 Mountain Division is in Leimakong. Besides, there are two infantry brigades, sources said. The new Assam Rifles battalions were raised in Arunachal Pradesh, but the state does not require them because the Indo-Tibetan Border Police take care of its international border. Kanglaonline: The UNLF claims of 22 SF persons killed and scores injured and an overall tally of 75 SF persons killed and 70 injured is just ridiculous and baseless, an Army statement said. The statement, quoting Army authorities further said that, in the last three months, since the Army has started anti-UG operations, Army has suffered only five fatal casualties and no officer has been killed.
123. IMPHAL, DEC 14 (PTI) The Army today said choppers and not helicopter gunships were being used in the ongoing operation to flush out Manipur People's Army (MPA) insurgents from interior areas of Manipur. The Army also denied another MPA claim of having killed 75 army men in the current operations in Chandel, Bishenpur and Churachandpur districts of Manipur. A Defence release said only five Army personnel were killed in the last three months while 40 militants were killed and 78 apprehended with 59 weapons seized. The major militant bases at Theigotang, Sailliutak, Khongtal and Sehlon have been destroyed in the current operation, the release said, adding that insurgents had been forced to move out to fringe areas.
124. Dec 15 Kanglaonline: 110 villagers from Chandel district who fled to Myanmar following heavy fighting between the Indian Army and underground militants since the last one week were handed over to the concerned subdivisional officers of Moreh town by the Myanmarese authorities. 8 well armed cadres of the KNA stopped two passenger buses coming from Sanakeithel to Imphal yesterday at a spot in between Molnom and Pangshong. The armed men then picked out the Meiteis and Tangkhuls and lined them up separately killing one Tangkhul and one Kuki elder.
125. Dec 22 Kanglaonline: The UNLF, in a lengthy statement, said the shooting of Dr. N Bijoy VC Manipur University and registrar Dr RK Ranjan, by the KYKL on charges of corruption at the university was an act of grudge.
126. Dec 27 The proscribed KYKL today denied that the VC, MU Dr N Bijoy and Registrar RK Ranjan were wrongly punished on Dec 17 as alleged by UNLF. Kanglaonline: In the aftermath of the killing of five personnel, including one sub-inspector of Imphal east commandos in an ambush yesterday at Napet Pali, a combined team of state security forces and central paramilitary forces conducted a huge search and cordon operation in surrounding areas.
127. Dec 28 The Sangai Express: Chairman of the Review Committee, set up to study the provisions of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Justice BB Jeevan Reddy today said that they have come here with an open mind and asserted that they can recommend the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.
128. Dec 29 The Sangai Express: Issuing a stern warning to all Govt Depts to abide by the directives given by PREPAK, the outfit today claimed that Laishram Chura Singh, finance advisor to the Electricity Dept, was punished with a bullet in the leg on December 26 for not heeding the conditions imposed by the outfit.
129. Dec 30 The North East Tribune: Under Operation New Kangleipak the KYKL has abducted former Principal and a former Cashier of Mayang Langjing Higher Secondary School on charges of siphoning off Rs 1,96,626 from the school fund.
130. Dec 31 The Sangai Express: Despite the boycott call given by the hard liners within the Apunba Lup, the Review Committee which arrived here on December 27 wrapped up their three days mission on a satisfactory note today.

131. Jan 16 (2005) security forces have recovered 77 weapons, most of them AK 47 rifles, from a hideout of militant outfit People' Liberation Army in Churchandrapur district of Manipur near the border with Myanmar in raids in the past few days, defence sources said today. The Myanmarese army by taking action against the militants had been cooperating in the flush-out operation.
132. Wrt above: On the achievements of the Army since the commencement of operation last year, Dwivedi claimed the elimination of well-established camps of UNLF at Sehlon and Vamsengdung, PLA camps in Khongtal, Khongkhai and Theigotang and KYKL camp at Siallutak area. During the past one year, altogether 126 militants have been killed while 459 were apprehended with the recovery of 250 weapons, he added.
133. Army using UAVs to track insurgents in North-East

End Note:

The insurgency in Manipur is perhaps the most intractable in all of the northeast. The writ of the state government has been absent from large parts of the state for long periods of time and there is a measure of popular support to the Meiti groups in the Imphal valley. Some of this support stems from terror—the UGs intervene in the most mundane administrative matter and issue diktats, arrest the corrupt (or more probably the uncooperative), and carry out bloody punishments under the nose of the government. However there have been protests against the AFSPA (the act in place since 1980), the occupation of the historic Kangla Fort by the Assam Rifles, and the killing of UG cadres (claimed as innocent civilians) in the past. Rumors surrounding the manner of killing of Thangjam Manorama brought things to a head and mass protests continued through the better part of the year, ending only with the visit of the Prime Minister and the return of Kangla Fort to the state government. It mattered little that Manorama had been a PLA activist and that rape allegations against AR personnel had been proven to be false.

The ceasefire with the Naga groups in Nagaland does not operate in Manipur and the NSCN factions, along with the local Kuki and Hmar groups, have fought bloody conflicts with the security forces and with each other throughout the hill districts. Kuki and Naga settlements in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district create conflicts with Karbis—towards the close of the year three columns of the Assam Rifles had to be sent to the Tamenglong district to halt clashes between the different ethnic insurgent groups in that border region.

After operations against insurgents fleeing from Bhutan and the hunting out of ULFA cadres from camps in Nagaland, coupled with a drive by the Myanmar army against ULFA and NSCN (K) bases in its territory, the army’s focus appears to have turned on Manipur. The 44 Mountain Brigade was moved from Nagaland to Sajik Tampak (Chandel district) in April and later to Churachandpur—its place being taken by the newly-raised 79 Infantry Brigade. The 59 Mountain Brigade was always present in Leimakhong where, some reports suggest, the parent formation of these brigades, the 57 Mountain Division headquarters moved from Silchar (Masimpur cantonment). Additional AR units raised in Arunachal were also moved to Manipur.
To oversee the operations a unified civil-military command along the lines of those in J&K and Assam was set up in September. Operations continued through to the next year but contrary to local media reports they had no special name and were part of Op Hifazat II. Simultaneously the Myanmar army raided camps of Manipur insurgents in its territory. It is believed that additional AR units will guard the border with Myanmar in due course after fencing has been completed.
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