Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Background to Knockout

Sandeep, this is in response to your mail:

Actually, there is deception on all sides. The top PLA commanders along with important leaders in the Politburo conspire to give nuclear artillery shells to the Pakistan Army. They aim to provoke a short conflict that will give the PA an ability to defeat Indian formations that penetrate into Pakistani Territory, forcing India to negotiate on J&K, and at the same time upsetting the US equations with both countries.

However the Pakistanis deceive the Chinese by using some of these shells to make terrorist strikes. Their intention, as revealed in Op K, is to target India’s strategic assets with plausible deniability. After the botched attempt to blow up the LNG tanker they may hit nuclear power plants, oil refineries, dams etc. and pressurize the Indians to negotiate on J&K without going to war.

The GOI, when informed of some of these developments, keep the information from Parliament and the general public, while reaching the conclusion that the attempted strike on the LNG tanker and other events point to a Pakistani readiness to fight a war. The GOI deputes the DSHQ to plan and prosecute a pre-emption of such a war over a period of three months, which is named Operation Wild Dog (the deceptive concentration of Indian air power in the commands bordering Pakistan). The three-day air strikes and the subsequent maneuvers are termed Operation Kartikeya.

This surprise attack blunts Pakistan’s Nuclear Command Authority by destroying or damaging nuclear delivery systems and it effectively blows away the Chinese plans by destroying the nuclear artillery shells with the two Pakistani strike corps. The attacks upset the equation between the PA and PLA but those two armies recover quickly and attempt to stop India in its tracks. India is happy to deceptively play along since its land forces are not ready enough to sustain a military adventure into foreign territory and hence it concentrates its efforts on the gradual recovery of occupied portions of J&K. Moreover the IAF is now redeployed to constrain Chinese military movements.

On the other hand the PA, on day one of the Indian air strikes, tries to save a consignment of nuke artillery shells. But the plane carrying this cargo is shot down over the Suleiman Range. The 12 Corps Commander at Quetta recovers from this blow by organizing a deceptive firefight at the crash sight, between his men and the “jehadis”. His Shia divisional commander is conveniently martyred and the nukes are supposedly lost to the fanatics. A Maulana at Dalbandin confirms this by threatening to destroy the cities of the enemy. The cargo is however taken away by the Shia commander’s deputy to an abandoned mine south of Khuzdar.

A source in the PA passes this information to the Indian NSA, which is confirmed by a Baloch source with R-A-W. Operation Janjira is planned to find and destroy these nukes in league with the indigenous Baloch fighters…read on. Read More......

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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